Pre-order on Kickstarter!

We went live on Kickstarter at about 6am this morning and it's been a whirlwind day! It's only been 12 hours (out of 33 days) and with your support we have already surpassed 25% of our funding goal! This is truly incredible and beyond what we had hoped for so soon. You can help us independently publish Handmade Getaway by pre-ordering your copy now. Every pledge brings us closer to bringing this book to you. Handmade Getaway is all about creating community and we're so proud to have you with us for this journey.

Special shout out to Mark Valino for the creation of our Kickstarter Video. He truly captured our story and how special this project is to us and everyone who has contributed to it! Please check out the video and check out our Kickstarter campaign details here.

Karyn Valino