Quiltcon 2018


Heading to Quiltcon in Pasadena this week? We are. We will be there to share Handmade Getaway and our Kickstarter campaign with our community.

Come say hello to us at the Soak booth, 523. We’ll have projects from the book, quilts and an uncorrected proof for you to see, hold and flip through.

We are creating a cozy place to stop, rest, and pledge for your first edition copy of Handmade Getaway! If you’ve already kickstarted this project, come by for one of our free pins (designed by Andrew Cloutier), and a quick photo with the book. Help us tell everyone that you’re joining us on a handmade getaway.

Are you taking classes at Quiltcon? Traveling with tools and phone chargers like us? Come check out a pro-tip from the book. We will have a basket of beautiful Japanese Washi tapes for you to use. Washi tape can be used to label all your odd-sized, common items like phone chargers, rulers, measuring tapes and other small tools. Taking the time to identify all your things ahead of time makes it easier to share and collect them at the end of your class, or getaway. See you there!

Karyn Valino